History panel in main windowΒΆ

With version 2017.4.0, the BcdaMenu was transformed from a button window style to a main window style of application. This change gained several features:

  • keyboard motion between the various menus and menu items
  • a status line to report program information (like the unimenu predecessor of BcdaMenu)
  • a main window panel to gather any command output and show history

The history panel (like real history) cannot be changed after it has been written. Both stderr and stdout from any command are combined and reported in the window. There are options (under the Help menu) to control what is written to the history.

Since the original program did not have a history panel, the default is to not display the history panel. Again, the Help menu has an item to show/hide the history.


History panel is shown.


History panel is shown with debugging turned on. This shows when commands are started and stopped. All lines are time stamped with debugging turned on.